Hi, my name is Liam, also known as Whiskee and I’m a web developer by trade, but I do a lot more than just that. I’ve experimented with Map development for popular source engine games, I’ve dabbled in Mobile development (both iOS and Android) and I’ve tried my hand at Machine Learning although let me tell you, that is not a walk in the park.

My true passion was always game development, being able to create a new world and tell a story, but I never got the opportunity to explore that path. Instead, I got dropped into web development, a category at the time I honestly didn’t like. However, over the years I’ve grown and developed my skills, I may not have become the game developer I wanted to have been but I was damned if I wasn’t going to be the best web developer I could be!

If you want to contact me to discuss opportunities or to just have a good old chat, I can be reached officially via [email protected] or if you’re looking for something more informal, I can be found on discord at Whiskee#0001